It's my first time joining Folktale Week on Instagram. Looking for a story to illustrate I stumbled across the south amarican tale " Where the fruits come from". It's about a tapir who doesn't want to share and a magical fruit tree.
Imagining that tree full of different fruits really inspired me. So I took that tale and created my own story with this year's Folktale Week prompts - FOOL, TREE, STAR, REBEL, COSTUME, POTION, VICTORY.
"Once there was a mouse and their best freind was a tapir.
The other mice made jokes about their friendship, but the mouse didn't care."

"The favorite thing to do for the two friends was exploring the jungle. Every day the walked in a different direction and hoped to find some adventures. One day they wandered farther than ever before and they found something really spectacular:

A massive tree full of fruit! Not just one type of fruit, but many different fruits. The mouse and the tapir gasped. Finally they found an adventure."

"Fascinated and curious they slowly approached the magical tree. But as the sun went down and the stars came out, something woke up between the massive roots..."

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